TMC724 designs powerful solutions purposely-built
to meet the rapidly changing demands of healthcare.
  • We are an innovative telehealth solutions provider.
  • We take care of you from home
  • High-quality products and services

Turnkey Solution - Service Level Agreement -
Back Office Support 24/7 - Labeling Services
"Do not Move The Patient, Move The Data"
Telehealth Business Drivers
  1. Ministry of Health - Vision 2020 realization and support
  2. Reduced readmission rates.
  3. Improved population management for at-risk patients.
  4. Increased access to specialists.
  5. Reduced revenue leakage.
  6. Reduced cost of care.
  7. Addressing physician shortages and burnout.
  8. Staying competitive with other healthcare facilities
  9. Incorporate Value-based care and Patient-centric Services
  • Interoperable Hardware
  • Integrable Software
  • EMR Compilation/integration with Info. Sys. (HIS)
  • Business Intelligent Reporting

Patient Experience

  • Direct Channel to Healthcare provider at home.
  • Personalized Service and Nurse allocation per patient (building Relationship)

Patient Engagement

  • Continuous care and connectivity with your monitoring practitioner.
  • Continuous health education and personal health acknowledgment.

Patient Satisfaction

  • Personalized Healthcare service at home
  • Cutting travel, lines and waiting times.
  • Immanence care at all times.

Operational Efficiency

  • Instance service provided to patients.
  • Tools to optimize Resouce allocation of Doctors.

Generate Revenue

  • Less operation cost (Of monitoring nurses)
  • Serve the higher need (Patient Prioritization)
  • Increase services provided per day
Malik Morad

Committed To Telehealth

We believe that change and prosperity of communities flourish at first from their homes. As comfort and satisfaction are apparent, thus communities of a nation can grow at a faster pace. We could prosper only by having a clear and sharp mind and that could only be achieved through good health.

Successful RPM Business Model

The essence of Remote Patient Monitoring excellence

Return On

Acknowledge the Value added to a patient 

MOH Transformation Strategy 2020

A must-read for Healthcare Contributors in Saudi Arabia

Telehealth Global

Find content on the growth of RPM and value-based care

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Our Services

Turnkey Solution


(Remote Patient Monitoring) Enabling health facilities to provide telehealth services


(Medication Event Monitoring System)
Medical adherence MEMS

Remote Patients Monitoring Kit

All of the devices within the Kit are connected to care-providers, where they can live monitor Vital Signs with support of our Intelligent Software.
“Remote Patients Monitoring Kit”


Telemedince Turnkey solutions

A ready to use and user-friendly systems

Real-Time Patient Tracking – Remote Health Information – Direct Connection – Service Level Agreement – Systems Training and Support

  • Enabling health facilities to provide telehealth services
  • Autonomous Software for Care Providers
  • Video Conferencing
  • Medical Adherence
  • Patient Engagement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Web-Based EHR
  • Integrable Solution (HL7)
    – Epic, Cerner, and Others

Telemedicine Tailored Services

Custom solutions for every Enterprise – Tailored for competence 

  • HIPPA Compliant Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • HL7 Solutions
  • Data Integration
  • EMR Solutions
  • Health Information Exchange ​
  • Billing Systems
  • App Development.


Our telemedicine solutions include robust HD video-conferencing software that facilitates virtual doctor’s appointments and physician-to-physician consultations via desktops, mobile devices, and web browser apps. We program synchronous telehealth systems with screen sharing and recording functions, Multipoint Control Units (MCU), reliable streaming software, Single Sign-On capabilities, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Makes Healthcare Accessible

Remote monitoring enables patients to get consultation without having to visit a medical practitioner. The technology ensures timely communication, quick counseling, and time to make preventive measured if deemed necessary.


Every patient requires follow-up schedule, which made it impossible for the doctors to set a common schedule. We gave them a platform to schedule follow-up instructions and also reminders to perform patient  activity.

Makes Healthcare Consumer-Centric

Incorporating cloud-connected monitoring systems in the recovery can significantly improve the patient experience. Patients recovering under remote monitoring systems report patient satisfaction and increased gratitude towards the service provider.

Makes Healthcare Efficient

We placed a Categorization System on the website for the Doctors to categorize their patients according to the severity of their conditions. Artificial-Intelligence powered remote patient monitoring technologies automate process redundancies.


Save money with this technology as this reduces official physician visits to the patients. This way, physicians are more efficient during their consultation hours without having to physically visit the patients every few hours. You can meet them through the RPM.

Implementation Procedure

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  • Master Service Agreement and Service Level Agreement
  • Project Request and Workflow development
  • Systems setup and handover
  • Team training & Support


Operate RPM system

  • Levitate operation standards
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Save and generate revenue

Managerial Excellence throughout our process

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